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Contoh Hasil Design Kantor :

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Contoh Hasil Design Apartement :

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Contoh Design interior rumah :

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Profil PT.Mars Design Construction

PT.Mars Design Construction Since commencing operations in Indonesia in 2010, Mars Design Construction has evolved into one of the countries leading interior and exterior contractors establishing a solid track record for successfully completing construction projects on
time, to budget and to the quality standards required its clients .
As a commercial interior/exterior finish contractor, our privately held corporation quickly created its niche in this field by providing the capabilities for total interior completion – everything from floor to ceiling. For many organizations and institutions, we are commercial interior/exterior contractor delegated to the entire interior project, and we place a strong emphasis on conforming to the exact specifications of the client .
Mars Design Construction is the largest finish contractor in the area, testimony to
the fact that we maintain high standards of quality
workmanship and materials as well as responsive customer
service and competitive prices. While the majority of our
projects are in this area, we are available to manage projects
outside of Jakarta and the other place in indonesia.
Mars Design Construction employs skilled craftsmen who are trained to work efficiently and safely and maintain flexible work schedules to benefit the customers’
normal operations during project completion. We are proud of the work with satisfied and dedicated employees who complement our total commitment to quality and excellent service.

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