Design Service

Theme Parks & Resort,
Showrooms & Shop, IT &
Entertainment Facilities,
Residences & Model
Houses, Exhibition Facilities, Educational
Facilities & others,
Commercial, Educational
& Residential, Graphics,
Displays, Sign System,
Color Planning, Custommade
Furniture, Lighting
Planning & Fixture Design

Spealizing In

· Furniture systems/workstation remodeling
and moving
· Drywall construction and remodeling
· Acoustic ceilings
· Custom Millwork, Laminate cabinets,
Shelves, Doors
· Demountable/Moveable Wall Systems
· Remodeling Doors, Frames,
Hardware and Closures
· Painting
· Carpet Repair
· Glass doors and walls
· Vinyl Wall coverings
· Decorative Building Materials
· Office Moving
· Picture, Artwork Hanging
· Access / Computer Flooring
·Mechanical and electrical
· Others

One Source
for all the professional skills, equipment
and materials needed to complete your
entire interior / exterior finish project

Our Commitment
To the community, as a locally owned
corporation, is ongoing involvement
and improvement; to our customers,
we pledge service beyond compare
We Strevi
To perform any task, large or small, with one
goal in mind…..


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